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Offspring of english setter Tuliketun Runo - Ratsu

Here I am presenting two orangebelton bitches, offspring of sire Tuliketun Runo – Ratsu (Dixi), after two different dams. A fur of one of these bitches is prepared for dog shows and another one has just basic fur trim for easier movement and work. Its simple to recognise them. Fur trim is necessary for Dixi´s offspring, because all of them have rich fur. Concerning colours, he is giving puppies moustly orangebelton, but tricolours and bluebeltons too.

First bitch is living in block of flats close to Prague, but her owner and his family are going with her many times a day to the nature, to localities with feather and small furred game, without leash. The owner, incoming hunter, trained with her playful retrieving too. The bitch has calm character. She is one year old and she is very obedient and easy manageable. She is searching towards the wind and she is following game track, she is pointing and coacting with another dog.

Second bitch, also one year old, is living in house with garden. Only rarely is going with her owners to walk out of the garden and always on the leash. It took one month than she understand, that its also possible to have freedom in movement, without leash in the nature. On the beginning of training she got scared during meeting with hare. Later she harried hares, but she does not have enough physical condition. Her obedience is not good. After three months training she understand that she is hunting dog and she start to work as english setter works.

Both bitches are searching slowly, it means very suitable for „under gun“ work. Thanks to their searching style they are reliably finding game and they are excellently pointing. It is very important how the dogs are leaded from their puppy age. And in addition both of them are very nice.

On the dog shows and exams I met other siblings of these two bitches, after same sire and other dams. And all of them expressed oneself similarly. They are very successful on the dog shows too.

This is my opinion on the base of  my surveying and comparison of offspring of Tuliketun Runo – Ratsu, dog by which we plan to mate our bitch Ivonne Lady DAMA Krkonoše (Ivee).

Ivee has excellent results on hunting exams and competitions as well as excellent dog shows evaluations. Her qualities corresponding with qualities of her sister ICH Isis Lady DAMA Krkonoše, which is more often presented on the dog shows.