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Couple of English Setters

Epril Lady DAMA Krkonoše – Excellent, territorial winner, passed an exam of setter‘s abilities as well as working abilities exam. Standard furred bitch with mesoscale skelet. Excellent hunting abilities developing in hunt practice.

Connemara‘s Maxwell – Excellent, CAJC, CAC, exam of setter´s abilities. Above standard furred , beautiful, elegant and noble-minded male dog with georgeous movement and perfect ability of characteristic pointing,   typical for english setters. To keep his voluminous fur, the dog is not use for hunt practise in scraggly territory. Care of his fur is time-consuming. This dog father was world winner and also his siblings are high quality and successful dogs.

There are three litters on the base of these two our dogs. 
From the first litter are very successful two bitches, which scored thanks to their exterier and working abilities.
We are very happy that puppies from the second litter (year 2006) went to hands of people, with which we are in continuous connection and which are interested in hunting training as well as in presentation of their wards on dog shows. They started to collect their first successes and awards. Two bitches from second litter are in Latvia.
It seems that optimistic situation with second liter will be repeated with third litter (puppies were born in May 2007). We plan fourth litter in 2008.

We hope that sibs of this couple of our dogs will be very good ground for further breeding of quality English Setters.

Connemara´s Maxwell
max This sire gots my daughter as birthday gift by Mrs M. B. Zimmer – setters breeder from Germany. From childhood he was not only her toy, but she prepared him successfuly for dog shows and hunting exams too.


Breed candidate – young bitch (born 2006) is our fourth generation of english setters, still specialized for hunting practice and not only for „work under the gun“, but for long-distance field searching too. She is a holder of CACT title and she is preparing for other performance exams. CAC, res.CACIB



CH Charlotte Lady DAMA Krkonoše

born: 2.2.2004
Owner: ing. J. Pospíchal




CH Isis Lady DAMA Krkonoše

Born: 18.5.2006
Owner: Ing. M. Kostelník




CH Innez Lady DAMA Krkonoše

Born: 18.5. 2006  /Lotyšsko /



CH Iwanhoe Maxwell DAMA Krkonoše

Born: 18.5.2006