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Why Braque d’Auvergne

People who knows me are surpriced why I – the breeder of long hair english and scottish setters – breed French Braque d´Auvergne – short hair dog. It was unplanned surprice for me too.
I assited to young hunter Matěj on the occasion of selection of his dog from the first litter of Braque d´Auvergne in the Czech Republic. I helped with hunting training of this female dog Aranka. Later we went to Belgium, reason was so simple, no applicable sire for service in the Czech Republic. I was present during Aranka´s lying-in. Colour of one of the puppies was light green, so catched my attention and everybody named that puppy Kocúrka.  When the puppies were 8 weeks old I celebrated my birthday and together with congratulation I got a present with commentary „now you have somebody to train and drill“. And of course its not possible to refuse the gift.

So that way started my life with female dog of Braque d´Auvergne Anda z Rejdiště. The life full of beautiful experiences. She graduated exam of abilities, autumn and water exams. She is experienced in fox bringing too. Anda´s first litter in 2007 was very complicated. First time in my long-term breeder practice it was necessary to realized caesarotomy in veterinary clinic. It was very difficult experience for me, to see my friend, for which I am responsible, on surgical table. My first decision was „no more puppies“. But on the base of result of following investigations and consultations with veterinarian I changed my opinion and we plan new litter in 2008.

On the end of 2009 I lost the best dog´s heart which I ever had. Braque D´Auvergne bitch Anda z Rejdiště was excellent in training, my hard situations pillar and great friend in whiles of rest.

Now I got chance to import adult bitch of Braque d´Auvergne from Poland, Bianka DU RUISSEAU DE MONTBRUN, which was born in France. So original from country of origin.
At home I have male dog Joshua, son of my beloved bitch Anda. He is not only Interchampion and Champion of several countries, but European and World Winner of beauty too. He passed hunting exams and every year he works in the field and in the water.

Bianka DU RUISSEAU DE MONTBRUN had one litter in Poland. She passed working exams and she is Polish Champion. She is healthy, fullteeth and result of displasia investigation is without any finding.
Her character is very similar to character of my missing Anda. Therefore I decided to mate her by Joshua Piaf DAMA Krkonoše.
I have a suite of old stud dogs and bitches at home, 8 to 12 years old, I have young english setter, but I would like to realize my dream to breed and train up one bitch yet. I know some interested persons with same ambition, so I would like to have enough health and power to fulfil this my dream.


In memoriam - Anda z Rejdiště

Anda z Rejdiště was born 19. April 2003, Excellent bitch, passed an exam of setter‘s abilities as well as working abilities exams. She works as tracking and searching dog on the occasion of commercial hunts on Konopiště, where she is suppling excellent work.




European winner 2008, world winner 2009

JCH Joshua,born 9th May 2007- young male dog with typical working character. / HD O/O /AA/



Born 21.7.2006

brood bitch, HD A


Champion of Poland

hunting test

Owner:K. Kocúrová

Bianka photo and pedegree