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As our webmaster says, gordon setters are number one in our doggy family. The are beautiful, beloved, powerful, they have great mood all the time, which they transfering to us.
In the world are exist two shapes of gordon setters. First ones are smaller, delicate, their fur is standard, but they are very fast, they are able to long searching during hunting practise. Second shape is harder, with above standard fur, quieter character, not so fast, but very successful on dog shows.
For both shapes we have the same breeding criteria. On the base of this fact and on the base of my longtime experiences with breeding of gordon setters I resolved to set two couples of dogs.
Couple, which can handover first of all their excellent hunting qualities to the sibs and couple, which can handover first of all their excellent exterier qualities to the sibs.

We (me and my daughter Darina) are working hard with all of our gordon setters. All of our dogs are under hunting training, they are passing exams as well as dog shows. Now we have to wait for new litters. We hope that sibs of our two couples will come to hands of people, which will be able to continue in work with their dogs.


Working couple

Ula z Aklic /Julie/- Excellent, CAC, title CACT from Josef Lux Memorial Race, elegant and young bitch with excellent working abilities.

Aves od Semenačky /Art/ -Very good, slim, fast dog, which came to us in his three years, because his original owner had no interest to breed him. After resolution of some initial problems, now he is a sire suitable for breeding of very promising offsprings. Although Art´s x-ray inspection of hip joints (displasia) was realized in his three years, when arthritis changes can be obvious, the result DKK 1/1 is excellent. Reasons of Art´s exterier classification very good is his dislike for show presentation. His exterier is realy not only very good, but much better.

Show couple

Erica Sarmando Dream - young bitch (born 2006), imported from Latvia, after Czech and Finnish as well as US and Italian ancestors. In show season 2007 she got title Czech Junior Champion during three weeks. She is on the way to be also champion of neighbouring countries, where she received several times titles CAC, BOB and CACIB too. As well as she got working title CACT. „Rica“ has an excellent exterier as well as she has excellent working abilities.  We continue in her hunting training and of course her show path too. More information you can find on:

Dastin DAMA Krkonoše-V, Excellent, Club winner, Interchampion, Czech Champion, passed an exam of setter‘s abilities as well as working abilities exams with excellent results. He works very hard in hunting practice, he overrules hurdles by elegant jumps and joyfully bringing shot games. Thanks to his abilities he is requested sire and his offsprings are successful by exterier as well as working qualities.



Ula /Julie/ z Aklic
Ula z Aklicborn 15. June 2005, CAC, CACT,  bitch with excellent hunting abilities, DKK 2/2.  

ART  Aves ze Semenačky
art Aves od Semenačky (Art) – born 22. November 2003, sire with very good exterier (meanwhile), very fast, in-style working dog, DKK 1/1.  


Erica Sarmando Dream

ICH, Grand chapion CZ,CH CZ, JCH CZ

Erica Sarmando Dream – born 22. March 2006, breed candidate, HD 0/0,


Akt. 10.10.08

Shows and training

Dastin DAMA Krkonoše
ula Dastin DAMA Krkonoše - born 1999  –  photo taken in his 8 years  - Club Winner, Interchampion, Czech Champion.